Fire Ban

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Bylaw 2020-006 RM of Snipe Lake #259



IN ACCORDANCE with Bylaw No. 2020-006 of the Rural Municipality of Snipe Lake #259

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that effective 12 o’clock midnight on 2021/07/01


And until further notice a Fire Advisory / Fire Ban


Will be in effective for the Entire Municipality of the RM of Snipe Lake No. 259

Anyone contravening this Fire Advisory / Fire Ban shall be subject to a fine in accordance with Section 23 of Bylaw2020-006.

Dated at Eston, Saskatchewan this 2021/06/30


Fire Advisory (this is posted on the rm website as well – in order to give you details

Open burning in the municipality is not recommended due to dry conditions.  It is recommended agriculture and industrial operations with water tanks at their disposal to have those filled and accessible at all times  Ratepayers will be advised to use extreme caution when burning or using fireworks and be prepared to extinguish any non-contained fire resulting from the activity


Fire Ban

Open burning in the municipality is banned due to dry, high risk fire spread conditions.    It is recommended agriculture and industrial operations have with water tanks filled and accessible at all times.


Partial Ban

Burning Barrel

Unsupervised is not permitted

Permitted if supervised and screens to prevent sparks are in place




Permitted when supervised




Solid Fuel Barbeques

-         Charcoal

-         Wood


Allowed - Barbeques must be CSA and UL approved units







Liquid Fuel barbeques propane or natural gas

CSA and UL approved  - Allowed


Fire Pits

Wind conditions should be taken into consideration when determining the appropriateness of starting a fire.


Fire pits, when in use, must be under supervision by an adult.


Fire pits must be covered with metal having openings no greater than ½ inch and must cover the entire opening. 


Logs or other fuel source must be fully contained within the enclosure.  Embers and ash must be prevented from escaping the enclosure.


The fire pit must be a distance of at least 20” from any grass and 10 feet from any combustible structure or item.


Users must be prepared to extinguish a fire should it escape from the fire pit.


Fires and embers must be extinguished completely when not under constant supervision.





Camp Stoves

CSA and UL approved  - Allowed






Not allowed







RM of Snipe Lake #259