How do we say "Thank you!" --- Here's one Way!

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CHANGE OF DATE - 2021/07/01 as part of the July 1st Celebrations at the Museum 
Since the onset of the pandemic early in 2020, things have been a little unsettling to say the least.  As we were made aware of increased risks and transmission rates, we saw rules introduced and we have done our part to stop Covid-19.  By working together, we are seeing the difference!  As we move through the re-open stages we are hoping brighter days are ahead!

Throughout this process, there have been many local heros who have just kept "doing what they do" so that we could "do what "we" do".... one of those groups is the many health workers across the province.  

Saskatchewan Health Authority is inviting video messages from various groups who now, looking back over the past many months, are recognizing the dedication of individuals and groups who have have given so much of themselves to our continuing health care needs, the well being of our province, and now are in the midst of the largest immunization campaign in this province's history.

How do we say thanks?  The Eston and District Health Care Committee would like you to be a part of a community effort to record a short video 'thank you' where participants would gather in Henry Hamilton Park on June 24 (Thursday) at 7 PM.  We will gather together, shout our "Thank you" message!   More details will be provided but please mark this date and take a few minutes out of your day to recognize one group that did what needed to be done!  

Are you in?  We look forward to seeing you there!