PNE Wind Farming

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The RM Council has recently received information and presentations from PNE Canada Inc (Pure New Energy) who are taking steps towards developing a wind farm project northwest of Eston. 

Meeting with Council in January and July, PNE has advised us of their plans and have answered many questions as to the industry, including our concerns about the environment and wildlife. 

The proposed location is near the Snipe Lake Grid, between the highway and the correction line, on both sides of the Snipe Lake Grid. Council believes this to be a good location for such an activity as it is not too close to highways, water sources or livestock operations.

Council's role in this started with a bylaw, passed in 2014, which allowed for and regulated Wind Tower Systems.  Several years have passed since that and technology has changed so the bylaw will require updating.  In passing these bylaws nearly almost six years ago, council demonstrated their interest in this industry and paved the way for good communication on the topic. 

The wind industry is regulated by Provincial and Federal regulators and any development will be held to the highest of standards. PNE initiated its work in 2010 and is seeking the opportunity to realize the project as part of SaskPower’s greater plan to increase renewable energy generation.  SaskPower is the only potential buyer of the power and they are conducting an RFP this fall and if PNE is successful and contract is issued, then construction could commence. For more information on SaskPower’s Wind Procurement and emissions reduction goals see the link attached here; SaskPower Announces Wind Procurement


While this is in initial stages, you will begin to see information about PNE and you will be invited to engage in the process.  An open house is planned for the near future where you can meet the people behind the company, have your questions answered about the project, and learn general information about wind development.

You can find out more about PNE at their website


Update - PNE was not successful this round.