Property Taxes

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Property taxes are used to fund local schools, maintain and repair our roads, provide residents with access to regularly tested water wells, and to complete the ongoing business and development of the R.M. 

Step 1: Assessment

You will receive an Assessment Notice sometime in the spring.  This notice provides the information that the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) has compiled on the classification, exemption status, and assessed value of your property.  

  • You can access your property assessment information anytime using SAMAView.
  • You have the option to appeal your assessment if you disagree with the classification, exemption status, or other details.  Please visit SAMA's website for more information on Assessment Appeals.

Step 2: Taxation

At the beginning of August you will receive a Tax Notice.  This notice details the amount you owe in taxes for the year, which is based on the assessment of your property and the mill rate set by the R.M. and the Ministry of Education.
  • These amounts are broken down for each property you own and the proportion of tax funds going to local schools, hail insurance, and to the R.M.
  • You cannot appeal your Tax Notice.  Appeals can only be made on the assessment (Step 1). 
Taxes are due to be paid by December 31st of each year.  Late payments are subject to interest penalties of 1.5% per month.  
Early payments will receive a discount on the MUNICIPAL and HAIL portion of taxes (not school), as follows:
 If paid by Municipal Discount  Hail Discount
 August 31st  6% 5%
 September 30th  5% 5%
 October 31st  4% 4%
 November 30th  2% 2%
 December 31st  0%  0%
Please contact the office for more information.