Cleaning Contract - 821 Main Street South (Doctor's House)

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Cleaning Contract – 821 Main Street South

The RM of Snipe Lake #259 will accept written proposals for the provision of cleaning services at the RM owned Doctor’s House (813 Main Street, Eston, SK) 
Cleaning is to occur Saturdays between 8am and 5pm.  The term of the contract will be ongoing but for an indefinite period of time.  The contract may be cancelled by either party with 60 days written notice.   
Applications should be submitted to the RM of Snipe Lake #259 prior to November 10, 2020
The house has laminate flooring throughout.  The area to be cleaned is the upstairs living area only.  Unoccupied rooms will be closed off and do not need to be cleaned.  Duties must be performed to covid-19  cleaning standards .  The specific duties are available at the RM office or on our website - 
Hours will be varied and the expected compensation should be stated as an hourly rate.  A minimum of 1 hour per week will be paid in the event there is no occupant in a given week and only basic cleaning is required.
Duties will commence for the house to be ready for occupancy on November 30th, 2020 

Specific Cleaning Duties
All Areas and common areas.
- launder all bedding and towels*
- garbage removal 
- damp mop floor surfaces.
– completely change sheets, pillow cases and blankets and pillows.
(*thoughts – two sets of all to be swapped out weekly and  alternates to be washed and dried)
- dust all surface areas.
– any dishes to be washed, dried and put away.  A working dishwasher is available and can be used. 
- wash countertops with appropriate disinfectant cleaning product.
- refrigerator – front wipe down, shelving spills.
- stove – surface / front wipe – surface spill clean up
- floor – wash with appropriate disinfectant cleaning product.
- inventory – review "stock” inventory list and advised Contact as to what needs to be purchased.
- wipe down all countertops with appropriate disinfectant cleaning product.
- clean toilet with appropriate cleaning product.
- wipe down all shower surface areas with appropriate disinfectant cleaning product.
-clean floor with appropriate disinfectant cleaning product
Living room 
- damp mop all flooring area 
- dust all surfaces.
- Any other duties as may be assigned.
Dining Room
- clean table surface with appropriate disinfectant cleaning product.
- wipe down chair surfaces and legs with disinfectant cleaning product.

Cleaning materials required can be purchased at local merchants or and receipts may submitted for reimbursement to the RM Office.
The disinfectant cleaning products and procedures used must meet or exceeds standards from the Federal Government website -