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Council Committees

Strategic Planning 
  • Fay Fairs, Glen Collins, Al Harpestad
  • Oversees all development related to finance, human resources, emergency measures, and general strategic business planning.

Tangible Capital Assets (TCA) Planning 
  • Jim Swan, Neil Johnston, Larry Ryland
  • Oversees all development related to road infrastructure, equipment, buildings, and municipal properties (landfills, cemeteries, wells, etc.).

Oil & Gas
  • Larry Ryland, Al Harpestad
  • Oversees all oil and gas development and permitting in the R.M., access roads and restrictions, and Primary Weight permitting. 

Rural #44 East Water Pipeline
  • Fay Fairs, Neil Johnston, Bill Owens
  • Oversees the potential development of a water pipeline within the R.M.

Joint Committees (with Town of Eston)

Eston & District Economic Development
  • Al Harpestad,  Marsha Beechinor, Shawna Cumiskey, Lori Ries, Lucas Sutherland, Jody Schmidt (non-voting)

Wheatland Regional Library Board
  • Healther Kraft (Chair), Fay Fairs, Bill Owens, Shari Collinge, Carl Hanson, Dustin Meyer, Jeanette McLeod, Vera Koester (non-voting)

Fire Control 
  • Kirk Cumiskey (Chair), Larry Ryland, Glen Collins, Bill Owens, Bob Mullock, Pat Toner, Jeff Roadhouse, Jody Schmidt (non-voting)

  • Jim Swan, Al Harpestad, Kirk Cumiskey, Bob Mullock, Shari Collinge

  • Fay Fairs, Neil Johnston, Larry Ryland, Wayne Sinclair, Lori Ries, Kirk Cumiskey, Shari Collinge, Crystal Adams (Member at Large)

Joint Landfill
  • Bill Owens (Chair), Neil Johnston, Jim Swan, Kirk Cumiskey, Al Heron, Bob Mullock, Deb Shaw (non-voting), Michelle McDonald (non-voting)
Please contact the office for more information about our Council and Joint Committees.