Proposed Zoning and OCP Bylaw

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In 2017, the Council of the RM of Snipe #259 worked with the Prairie West Planning District for the purpose of enacting an Official Community Plan and a Zoning Bylaw.  The bylaws received Provincial approval in January 2020.  Since that time, after several revisions to the bylaw, it was concluded that wording of the bylaw was not a good fit for our Municipality.  Accordingly, Council approved a rewrite of the Zoning Bylaw (2024-003) and the Official Community Plan (2024-004) and we are now going through the regulated process of passing and obtaining the necessary Provincial approval.


Advertising 1  (Zoning Bylaw)


Advertising 2  (Official Community Plan)


Check back for copies of the bylaws as they will be uploaded shortly 


Links for Bylaws