Hail Insurance

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Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance (SMHI)

As per the Municipal Hail Insurance Act, all agricultural land in Saskatchewan is insured against crop damage from hail and is subject to hail insurance premiums each year, unless the land is formally withdrawn from coverage (see below).  

Hail insurance basic rates and crop surcharges are set by SMHI and premiums are calculated based on land location, acres seeded, crop type, desired coverage, and the desired indemnity.  Premiums are collected alongside property taxes each year.  Discounts are offered for early payments.

Agricultural landowners will receive a hail insurance package in May each year containing rate, surcharge, and coverage information, along with a Crop Report application form.  Deadline to submit Crop Report Applications (blue and green copies) to the R.M. office is June 15th each year.  

Withdrawing land from coverage

Coverage can be withdrawn by submitting a Withdrawal Form to SMHI, subject to approval by both the Municipal Hail Board and the R.M. of Snipe Lake Council.  Deadline to withdraw from coverage is March 31st each year.  Please visit smhi.ca for more information.

Additional Hail Insurance

Brian Shauf is a licensed agent for the following additional hail insurance providers:

Please contact Brian anytime at 306-500-4157 for more information.