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All R.M. wells, springs, and reservoirs are a source of NON-POTABLE* water.  All sites are tested on a monthly basis.  Water sample kits are available at the R.M. office for residents who wish to test their cisterns or private wells (lab fees will apply).

Please note that absolutely NO SPRAYERS OR CHEMICAL TRUCKS are permitted around our water sites.

R.M. of Snipe Lake ratepayers have full access to all wells, springs, and reservoirs at no cost.  Non-ratepayers (e.g. industry or Eston residents) must contact the R.M. office for permission to use R.M. water resources.


 Duncan #1  NE 19-27-19 W3
 Duncan #2  NE 19-27-19 W3
 Dipping Vat #2 (South)  SW 17-23-19 W3
 Plato Well  SE 27-25-18 W3


 Conzelmen  NE 01-25-18 W3
 Dipping Vat #1(North)  SW 17-23-19 W3
 Ferry  NE 28-23-21 W3
 Wicki  NW 12-23-20 W3



 Bickleigh NE 10-27-18 W3
 Fairview  NW 12-25-18 W3
 Stevenson SE 16-26-19 W3
*Non-potable water is not safe for consumption, but can be used for other purposes.