Vehicle Weight Restrictions

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We use the services of Roadata to advise of restrictions.  You can be set up to receive instructions from them by text and email. 
Instructions to Sign Up for automatic notification, here are the instructions.
To see the current advisories, follow this link and choose the First Icon 
Roadata - Advisories


All drivers are responsible for knowing their vehicle weight classifications and adhering to all highway and gravel road weight restrictions, permit requirements, and road bans.  Click here for maps, trip planning tools, and more information about trucking in Saskatchewan.

Residents and drivers are encouraged to report any overweight vehicles to the R.M. office at 306-962-3214.

General Weight Restrictions


  • HWY 30 is restricted to 8,000 kg or less
  • HWY 44 is restricted to Secondary Weights or less

Gravel Roads

All gravel roads in the R.M. of Snipe Lake are restricted to SECONDARY WEIGHTS or less (e.g. no Primary Weights) unless:

  1. The road is designated for Primary Weights under the provincial Clearing the Path program, or
  2. The vehicle has a valid Primary Weight Permit, allowing Primary Weights outside of designated Clearing the Path routes, or
  3. A temporary Road Ban or Restriction has been issued restricting vehicles to less than Secondary Weights.

RM of Snipe Lake Restrictions & Truck Routes

RM 259 Clearing the Path Routes

Clearing the Path

All Clearing the Path roads allow Primary Weights, unless a Road Ban has been issued, in which case the weight restrictions imposed under the Road Ban will also apply to all Clearing the Path roads.  View the map on the right for Clearing the Path routes within the R.M. of Snipe Lake.

Primary Weight Permits

A Primary Weight vehicle that needs to travel on a gravel road that is not a Clearing the Path route requires a valid Primary Weight Permit.  Annual and single-trip permits are issued through Roadata Services.  Please call 1-844-232-7275 or visit their website to obtain a permit.

Oil Hauling and Rig Moves

Persons or businesses responsible for frequent oil hauling must enter into a "Road Use Agreement" with the R.M. of Snipe Lake.  Please contact the office for more information.

All rig movements within the R.M. of Snipe Lake require prior approval from Roadata Services.  Please call 1-844-232-7275 for more information or for approval.