Oil & Gas Development

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Development Permits

The R.M. of Snipe Lake uses WellTraxxRM for all oil and gas development permit applications. This dedicated oil and gas software solution allows our municipality to receive and process applications online, streamlining the process for the benefit of our administrative staff as well as our energy company partners. Reviews of all applications are completed in 7 to 9 business days.
To learn more call 306-295-7065 or email casey.ziegler@welltraxx.com.

Road Use

All drivers are responsible for knowing their vehicle weight classifications and adhering to all highways and gravel road weight restrictions, permit requirements, and R.M. or provincial road bans.  See our Vehicle Weight Restrictions page for details.

Rig Moves

All service and drilling rig movements within the R.M. of Snipe Lake require prior approval from Roadata Services and are subject to road use and maintenance conditions.  Please call 1-844-232-7275 for more information or for approval.

Road Use Agreements

Persons or businesses responsible for frequent oil hauling on any of our gravel roads must enter into an annual "Road Use Agreement" with the R.M. of Snipe Lake.  Please contact the office for more information.