Land for Lease

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The Council of the RM of Snipe Lake #259 invites tenders for lease lands available in the RM of Snipe Lake.  

Pasture Land

NE 27 23 21 3 128.54 acres

NW 32-23-21 3 160 acres

NE 13-23-21-3 160 acres

SE 19-23-20-3 160 acres

NW 23-23-21-3 160 acres

New Term will end December 31, 2025.  Thereafter the term will be a 5 year term.

Leasing Policy rules are attached (form A)

Crop Land

Will be initially leased for a period ending December 31, 2025, and thereafter a 5 year term.  

NW20-25-20-3 31.5 acres *

SW 20-25-20 3 119 acres*

*For 2024, there will be a project adjacent to the property which may cause some disturbance to use.

Leasing policy rules are attached (form B)

Tenders will be considered at the March meeting of Council – 2024-03-07 and must be received by the Administrator by mail, email (pdf attachment) or dropped off at the RM office prior to March 1, 2024.  Council reserves the right to accept or reject any tender. Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.

RM of Snipe Lake #259

Box 786

Eston, SK  S0L 1A0